The most grateful gift for a dog is welcoming him in a family, where he is to share daily life with family members. Integration in a new family requires commitment and sensibility, as the dog needs assessment time to settle down in his new environment. For further information regarding adoption, do not hesitate contacting us directly (via phone or email).


Distance adoption

The Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS provides for very unfortunate dogs at own expenses. Due to health and behavioural issues, several dogs are not apt for family life. You may help one of them by devolving a monthly gift‐aid (min. € 10) by direct debit or if you wish a solely yearly contribution (min. € 120). Request via phone or email an updated list of these particularly disadvantaged dogs, in order to insert in the payment reference the name of the dog you choose to adopt by distance. If you decide giving a distance adoption package to a family member, friend or child who loves animals, please let us know following deposit to enable the issuing of a personalised “Adoption Certificate”. Donations for distance adoptions will support rescued dogs by the Fondazione Gioia e Romeo ONLUS, and warrant the least needs of the pets that have not been chosen at all. If a dog is not adoptable any longer (due to final rescue or death), the interested party will be informed personally. Payment methods for distance adoptions are: standing order, bank transfer or online via Paypal.


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